Next to Alaska, British Columbia has the largest concentration of big game animals in North America and this part of BC has more than its share.

Caribou running on a lake.

A herd of Woodland Caribou on Nimpo Lake.

A deer in velvet peers over an embankment.We have a huge variety of big game and fur bearing animals here in the Chilcotin with one of the largest concentrations of grizzly bears in British Columbia, that share their time between the plateau and the coast, depending on the season. We have a good popuation of black bears of all colors as well ranging from nearly white to a bright copper color. Low to the ground but easily as ferocious as a bear is the wolverine and we are fortunate to have a number of them as well as other animals such as cougars, lynx, wolves, coyotes and foxes. These predators live on our herds of Woodland Caribou, mule and whitetail deer, mountain goat, and moose, down to our smaller fur bearing creatures such as snowshoe hare, beaver, mink, muskrat, and squirrels.

Wolverine on Charlotte Lake.

Wolverine on Charlotte Lake.

Cow Moose and her calf feed in a swamp.

Cow moose and her calf.

Two grizzly bears along a river.

A pair of grizzlies fishing.

A fox pup peers around a rock.

A fox pup peers around a rock.

White American Pelican.A pair of eagles hunt from a tree.We also have a tremendous bird population here that consists of a lot of large birds. In fact, sometimes we seem like Texas. Everything here is big! We have a very healthy population of Bald Eagles throughout the year here. Many of our lakes are feeding and breeding grounds for the huge American White Pelican and Lonesome Lake nearby is where the Trumpeter Swan is said to have been brought back from the edge of extinction by Ralph Edwards. A tremendous number of these birds start coming through and stopping over in spring and again in the fall on their way to and from their summering grounds. The sign of good health on many of our lakes is the number of loons that nest and live on them throughout summer and ospreys can be seen hunting over them from ice off to ice on. We have Sandhill Cranes, Blue Herons, owls, hawks, ravens, whiskey jacks, woodpeckers from Pileated to Downy, and a number of smaller pine forest loving birds. Since we're on the Pacific Byway Migratory route, it's a birdwatcher's paradise!

A loon displays on Nimpo Lake.

A loon dances on Nimpo Lake

One of several woodpecker species.

A shy woodpecker rings a tree.

Osprey with a fish.

An osprey flies off with his prize.

Trumpeter swan dances on water.

Trumpeter Swan on Anahim Lake.