Summer Activities

You will run out of time before you will run out of things to do here!

Fishing on the river.

Decisions, Decisions

You know, lots of tourism associations are told to concentrate on selling just one or two activities in their region. That's impossible to do here.

Kids successfully catch Salmon.The large size of the West Chilcotin will allow you a myriad of choices of things to do. Most of our region has fabulous fishing suitable to any taste, from river fishing for Coho, chinook, and other salmon species, to going after hard-fighting rainbow trout, kokanee, bull trout, dolly varden and more! With some great rivers to choose from and an unbelievable choice of lakes, you can cast, spin, troll, flyfish or use a string on a beer can. Pick your way and then pick your place.
We have a lot of lakes here in the Chilcotin which vary from calm with lots of bays to a few that are very large and just a little bit ferocious when the wind comes up. Lakes like Tatlayoko are great for sail boarding or wind surfing but if you like your water activities to be a just a little bit less type-A, then we have loads of choices! Most of our lakes are quite calm in summer and great for canoeing, kayaking, float rafting and paddleboarding.

Standing at the top of the Kappan Mountain Trail.Would you rather go hiking? There are loads of choices from easy to hard. Most communities have a number of trails or walking paths for hiking or biking. There are also trails throughout the region that can be a few hours, single day, or multi-day hikes. The best part is that many end up on the top of mountains with 360 degree views or on alpine lakes surrounded by a massive display of wildflowers in bloom.
You can even tie your hiking into horse assisted hikes by signing up with one of our outfitters that offer a multi-day trip where you get to hike and the horse carries all your gear. Or if you like riding, you can go for a few hours, days, or a week on a pack trip trailriding into the mountains. Trust me, you'll be knocked breathless with the beauty on some of these trails!

Hunlen Falls from a floatplane.Flightseeing anyone? A tremendous amount of this area is trackless and roadless and the very best way to see it is from the air! There are charters in the various regions that can take you up in either a floatplane, wheeled plane or helicopter to see the country in its vast magnificence. Monarch Mountain is capped by one of the largest ice fields in British Columbia. You can see glaciers sliding down the flanks of mountains, Hunlen Falls, the third highest freefalling waterfall in Canada, the Rainbow Mountains, spectacular for their colors, or fly over the mountains south of Tatla Lake, which includes Mount Waddington, the highest mountain in BC. It's a great way to see wildlife as well! On some charters, your pilot will drop you off for lunch at the base of a glacier, or near an alpine lake for photographs of gorgeous wildflowers, or for a hike into Hunlen Falls to see and hear it close up.
Of course in the end, you could always just relax. Yep, sit around a campfire or out on a dock, listen to the loons, and watch fish rings spread on the water. Or maybe sit out at night and look at stars so clear you can reach out and touch them, listen to the silence, and just.... relax. After all, that's what vacations are for, right?

A couple are just starting out on a two hour day ride.

Going out on a day ride.

Paddling on a calm lake.


Fishing at a high alpine lake.

Hiking and fishing near a pristine alpine lake.

A family sails together on a lake.

You can go sailing on quite a few lakes here.

A hiker stands above aqua green Chilko Lake.

Standing above Chilko Lake.

Pack trip trailriders reflected in water.

Heading out on a pack trip.

Three hikers are climbing a hill.

Horse assisted hiking in the Itcha Ilgatchuz Range.

A path to the mountains winds its way through wildflowers.

Hiking among wildflowers.

Kayaking on Nimpo Lake.

Most lakes here lend themselves to kayaking and canoeing.

ATV's in the alpine.

Care is required in the alpine if you are riding in on ATV's.

Fishing on the lake with mountains behind.

Fish and a view. What more could you ask for?

Plane taking off of the lake.

The Chilcotin is extremely popular with pilots.