We are about People, Animals and Healthy Soils.

As organic food producers, we are obligated to transparency, so that you, the consumer, can see and experience yourself what we stand for. Visitors are welcome.


Situated in Redstone between the Chilancoh and Chilcotin rivers right along Highway 20, the route 40 connector to Bella Coola and the Pacific Ocean. You cannot miss this beautiful timber frame building created by Oliver Tritten and Company.


Kinikinik view of Kinikinik Restaurant, Store and lovely pond.

Take a stroll around the beautifully landscaped area (keep your friend on a leash, please) cross over the waterfall via the “Lover’s Bridge” to the children’s playgrounds. You will see that KiNiKiNik has a live roof, which is reminiscent of the historical sod roofs of times gone by. Finally the path will take you back to the restaurant, where wholesome food made from scratch, with all certified organic ingredients, is being served. All of the meats are as local as it can get; all from PASTURE TO PLATE & processed by Chilcotin Harvest a stone’s throw away. The animals were born and grown and fattened on Rafter 25 Ranch land, on which KiNiKiNik and Chilcotin Harvest are also situated.
While you are waiting for your meal, you are welcome to browse through the KiNiKiNik Store, where you will find beautiful Icebreaker clothing, a selection of organic PASTURE TO PLATE meats and organic preserved foods, beeswax candles and many practical and beautiful kitchen utensils, etc. You can also buy a padlock with your beloved, to lock onto the railing of the “Lover’s Bridge” and throw the key into the pond…

Shop located in the Kinikinik restaurant building

Browse our Kinikinik Store for Icebreaker clothing, books, organic foods, beeswax candles, etc.


We have accommodations with no minimum stay required. Our rental cottages and houses are handsome timber framed modern designed lodgings in the same architectural style as KiNiKiNiK.
The River House: This five bedroom house (sleeps 9); three rooms have queen size beds, one room has two single beds and the last room has one single bed. It is fully furnished (including cable) with a fully equipped kitchen. This house shares one washroom. In floor heating and a wood stove make this house very cozy. This house rents by the room from $100.00 - $140.00
The Pine House: This two bedroom house (sleeps 4); Each bedroom has a queen size bed. It is fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen. This house shares one washroom. In floor heating and a wood stove make this house very cozy. This house rents by the room from $100.00 - $140.00.

Lavender Cottage & Peppermint Cottage both have a queen bed. Sunflower Cottage has two single beds. The Cottages rent at $140.00 per night. They are equipped with Kitchen essentials; (coffee maker and fridge) for your convenience.


Accommodations Come stay in our beautiful timber frame chalets.

Welcome sign

And enjoy our marvelous restaurant, store and grounds We hope to see you soon!

Boots on a rider

Our Family Our horsemen.

A large group eating in the restaurant.

Wholesome Food Made from scratch with certified organic ingredients.

Fields used for pasture raised cattle.

Our fields Our fields provide healthy pasture for our organic raised beef.

Jasmine Schellenberg Careful attention is paid to every aspect of the restaurant.