Man seated on a horse watches a small herd of caribou.
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Trail riding and Horse pack trips

"Horses make a landscape look beautiful” - Alice Walker

The West Chilcotin is predominately ranching country so horses are a very important part of the culture here. Although split by jagged mountain ranges, dotted with numerous lakes and rock strewn alpine, and blanketed in deep forest, the wild meadows and treed hillsides make for some of the best free range grazing in the world. It also makes for some of the most breathtaking trailriding you will ever see.

There are several outfitters from all over the West Chilcotin that will take you on the guided horse back trip of a lifetime! Many of the lodges and resorts also provide day trail rides, pack trips, or can organize a vacation package with another outfitter for you.

Sitting atop a horse gives you the opportunity to survey your surroundings while the animal does the walking, and riding horses often allows you to come into much closer contact with wildlife.

Your breath will be taken away when you see your first grizzly quartering away up a hillside, a moose raise its head from a lake, a herd of caribou prancing up a slope, or a mountain goat looking down in curiosity. This is a land of bald eagles, hawks, coyotes, wolves, wolverines and marmots... and a virtual photographer's paradise. Many of the outfitters will time their trips for the explosion of alpine wildflowers in summer, migration of herds, or the best time for wildlife viewing in general.

A pack horse trip in back country can utilize tents or comfortable range cabins. Camping, cooking, and eating out under the stars while sitting next to a snapping campfire keeping the coffee warm, will take you back to a time when North America was first explored and settled by adventurers.

Many horse guides offering pack trail rides will match you with a mount most appropriate to your riding abilities and some working ranches also offer riding clinics from horse trainers giving valuable lessons you can carry with you for life.

Embark today on an adventure you will never forget!

Operators - Trailriding and Packtrips

Chilko River Lodge
Chilko Lake
Elkin Creek Ranch
Chilko Lake
Escott Bay Resort
Anahim Lake
Itcha Illgatchuz Mountain Outfitters
Anahim Lake
Terra Nostra Guest Ranch
Clearwater Lake


Two visitors on horses in the mountains.
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