Wilderness Lake mirrors a floatplane and mountains.
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Summer Activities

"When we reached the cairn at the top of the mountain, we turned full circle to see this stunning 360 degree view.

Relaxation: Although that may not be strictly termed as an activity, it's actually one of the favorite things to do for visitors on summer holidays to the West Chilcotin. Simply relax. It's not hard to sit on the lake shore, or at a campfire, stare at a stunning array of mountain peaks, and listen to the call of the loons. Our vistas will wash your cares away!

Mountain biking: An entire page was dedicated to hiking with little mention of mountain biking, which is becoming quite popular in the Chilcotin, especially long treks. Some people doing a cross country tour often start with the Discovery Coast Circle Tour. For shorter tours, many of the trails appropriate for hiking will also work for mountain biking, especially if you're fit and experienced.

Quadding: In just the past few years discovering country via ATV has become very popular and it's definitely easier on the feet than hiking. Just keep in mind that not all areas in the Chilcotin allow ATV use and many Parks forbid them within Park boundaries. Also, please keep in mind that the soil on the Chilcotin Plateau is very thin, and very prone to erosion. Even minor disturbance will often destroy the alpine and mark it for many, many years. Please be conscious of any damage you may be doing to the ecosystem.

Swimming: Most of the lakes in the West Chilcotin are wonderful for swimming and less prone to the problems warmer or shallow lakes may have in other parts of BC. But, many of the lakes here are high elevation lakes and may take until late July or August to warm up enough for comfortable swimming. So if you want to jump in sooner, take a deep breath!

Camping: Many lakes in the West Chilcotin have camping spots, pit toilets, garbage bins and sometimes picnic tables and fire rings. For many, there is no charge for an overnight stay and for others, the charge is minimal.
If you come prepared to camp in the back country, you can do that pretty much anywhere except on marked private property where you'll need to ask permission. Please bring out all of your garbage.

IMPORTANT: Please keep a close eye on your campfire, don't leave it unattended, and make sure it's out completely before leaving your camp. The biggest danger to the West Chilcotin is forest fire.

Flightseeing: You don't need to own a plane to get a bird's eye view of the West Chilcotin. Hire a charter floatplane, wheeled plane or helicopter to see the country in its vast magnificence. You'll see landmarks and wildlife you would normally never see any other way!

Two children relax on the wide back of a horse.
Two people with ATV's at the top of a mountain.
A girl runs her horse through the water in Anahim Lake.
A deHavilland Beaver flies in a fourwheeler.
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