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Services along Chilcotin Highway 20

All roads except for Highway 20 are gravel. You should be sure to check on local conditions before embarking on your trip.

Although the West Chilcotin is considered by some to be a somewhat isolated region, we are fortunate in that there are still many necessary services available to travelers along the highway. However, most are not open late at night so plan accordingly.

Just east of Alexis Creek you will find a rest area at the top of the hill above Lee's Corner, while at Lee's Corner itself, there is a small restaurant and fuel station. Anaham Reserve east of Alexis Creek has a small grocery and fuel station, while Alexis Creek proper offers a small store, medical clinic, towing service and RCMP Detachment.

Next services are at Redstone Reserve with a small convenience store and fuel. Between here and Tatla Lake there is another rest area with a picnic table. Tatla Lake has a grocery store, fuel, restaurant and medical clinic. There are no services between Tatla Lake and Nimpo Lake.

Nimpo Lake has a bakery and cafe, towing service and garage, a general store with fuel and propane, and a fine dining establishment and lounge. However, the latter is only open from May until the end of September.

In Anahim Lake there are two general stores, one of which provides fuel and propane, a gas station, medical clinic, a restaurant, take out restaurant, and RCMP Detachment. You can call John at one of the stores in Anahim Lake at 250-742-3266. He has assured us that he'll be happy to update visitors to the area about anything they would like to know.

There are no services between Anahim Lake and Hagensborg in the Bella Coola Valley. It is advisable to check road conditions in Anahim Lake before starting down the Hill.

In the Bella Coola Valley, there are two large grocery stores, gas stations, a liquor store, and at least two or three restuarants. There is also a hospital, walk in clinic, towing services and garage, and an RCMP Detachment. There is a store where you'll find souvenirs and a museum.

The general stores in Alexis Creek, Tatla Lake, Nimpo Lake and Anahim Lake have liquor outlets as well.

Closing hours for stores and gas stations vary from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in winter and may stay open as late as 8:00 p.m. in summer.

Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals
Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals offer clean, safe and reliable options to explore the beauty of the Bella Coola & Anahim Lake areas. We can help you find trails & waterfalls that you might not get to with a regular vehicle. We feature small and large SUVs that can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Vehicles are located at the Bella Coola & Anahim Lake Airports.
Phone: 1-250-982-2146 Web: www.bellacoolavehiclerentals

Nimpo Lake General Store
Located on Highway 20 West at Nimpo Lake, our General Store can take care of all your needs! We have fishing licenses, tackle, lures galore, hardware, automotive supplies, camping and recreational goods, groceries, gas, diesel, propane, gifts, books, and souveniers, and we are a liquor and lottery outlet.
Phone: 1-250-742-3333 Email:

Tweedsmuir Air Services
Tweedsmuir Air is located on Nimpo Lake some 250 air miles north of Vancouver, BC. As Nimpo Lake is our base of operations, we are within easy flying distance to outdoor adventure that abounds in the vicinity of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park... Turner Lake Chain, Rainbow Mts., Monarch Icefields, Mackenzie Grease Trail, countless lakes and streams with ample wild trout...and much more! * packages avail.*
Phone: 1-800-668-4335 Web:

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