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Other Chilcotin Recreational Areas

"I always thought of this as God's country."
Jack Granatstein

Besides Tweedsmuir Park, there are several other parks and conservation areas in the West Chilcotin. Developed to protect the natural fuana in the area such as the Itcha Ilgatchuz range to protect the only growing caribou herds in British Columbia, the rare flora of the Homathko River - Tatlayoko Protected Area, cultural heritage embodied in the Tsylo's Park and tiny Entiako, brought back into reserve to protect a caribou herd. Among them are the Charlotte Alplands.

Charlotte Alplands
The Charlotte Alplands is not a park but an area set aside without roads, for backcountry recreation. The area lays claim to having the largest concentration of alpine lakes in British Columbia, many loaded with wild rainbow trout and kokanee, and many rarely, if ever, fished. Here you will find alpine wildflowers seen swathing hillsides, many of them rare, and many not found to this extent anywhere else in the world. Initially, local resource users felt it necessary to protect this area rich in wildlife, including caribou, from encroaching logging. Many resort and lodge owners, outfitters and naturalists operate out of this area and felt it so unique that they fought hard to preserve it.
If you would like to fly in, hike in, or take part in a horseback adventure into the Charlotte Alplands, you'll find several operators listed on this site that can provide that vacation for you.

Homathko River - Tatlayoko Protected Area
The Ministry of Environments lists this area as one of the only protected areas in BC that spans the transition from the wet, mild coastal climate to the dry, harsh climate of the Chilcotin Plateau. As such it provides an invaluable game corridor, particularly for grizzly bears, through the Coast Mountains from the Pacific coast to the high Chilcotin Plateau. 14 mile long aquamarine Tatlayoko Lake with it's surrounding peaks is within the boundaries of the protected area.

Itcha Ilgachuz Provincial Park
This is 111,000 hectares of roadless park made up primarily of isolated shield volcanoes that supports a wide variety of alpine flora and fauna. It is also home to the most significant and healthiest caribou herd in BC with high calf recruitment rate. Here you'll find the Blackwater Trail that runs between the Itcha and Ilgachuz Mountain Ranges and was used to haul supplies and move cattle between Anahim Lake and Pan Phillips' Home Ranch. There are several historical outfitters that still operate in the two mountain ranges today and they would be happy to book you for a pack trip or horseback trail ride into the alpine.

Primarly set aside to preserve cultural values, wildlife, fauna and special fish habitat, Ts'il?os (pronounced "sigh-loss") Provincial Park comprises approximately 233,000 hectares of which the western half is considered to be in the West Chilcotin Land Use Base. Made up of rugged mountains and glaciers, it is dominated by the stunning blue-green colored waters of Chilko Lake, noted to be the highest natural freshwater lake in Canada and bordered by the rugged peaks of the Coast Mountains to the west. There are two vehicle access routes into the park but they're rough and you are warned to check conditions with locals before embarking on them.

Entiako was originally a part of Tweedsmuir Park when established in 1938 but was left out when boundaries were revised in 1956. Embattled resource users managed to keep logging out until 1999 and 2000 when 120,000 hectares were set aside as protected land for the Tweedsmuir Entiako caribou herd. The wild, harsh landscape that comprises this wilderness park is home to grizzly and black bear, moose, caribou, wolves, coyote, fox and fur bearing animals. The dry inhospitable growing conditions support several rare plants and lichens that the caribou feed on. Floatplanes can access many of the lakes in the Park's interior.

Operators - Other Parks and Recreational Areas

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Eliguk Lake
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Moose Lake
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West Branch
Still reflective lake surrounded by mountains.
Small green lake at the bottom of a glacier.
Tiny clear green pond on top of Perkins Peak
The bright red splash of color called the Candle in the Rainbow Mountains
Many varieties of wild flower on an alpine hillside.
Green alpine pools dot a mountain valley.
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