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Traveling to the Chilcotin via Ferry

"Just go around!"

There are no coastal roads for the majority of the length of British Columbia due to its rugged terrain where mountains literally dip their toes in the sea. This makes ferry travel on part of your vacation route a very attractive option for an area that is otherwise entirely inaccessible.

The ferries are large with lots of seating, including at tables if you want to bring your own food instead of purchasing food on the ferry, and an open deck area at both the front and rear of the ferry. The rear being a favorite viewing area out of the breeze for dolphins, whales and eagles.

One of the most famous ferry routes for BC is the Inside Passage route from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert where thousands of islands make up this passage. You could take this trip if you wanted to drive part of the way on your return trip or going north, arrive back in Bella Coola and pick up the ferry from there back to Vancouver Island.

If you wanted to take a shorter ferry trip then travel the Discovery Coast Ferry from Port Hardy to Bella Coola. From Bella Coola you can continue on Highway 20 to Williams Lake and from there, turn north or south to continue your travels on mainland British Columbia.
The Port Hardy to Prince Rupert trip is approximately 17 hours long while the Discovery trip from Port Hardy to Bella Coola varies.
The Discovery Coast Ferry only runs in the summer and reservations are required. Check for the alternative Mid Coast/Bella Coola ferry that runs in late fall, winter, and spring.

If you would like more information on rates and schedules for the Discovery Coast Ferry tour you can find them here at Discovery Coast Circle Tour. If you would like more information on the Inside Passage Tour, you'll find it here at Inside Passage and Queen Charlottes Tour.



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