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We have taken the pages from our actual guide and installed them here. Each page can be downloaded as a PDF file that you can print out and take with you on your trip. The pages are color coded to area. Green for Bella Coola, Black for the West Chilcotin, and brown for the East Chilcotin and Cariboo. Just click on the thumbnail below that piques your interest!

Introduction to the Guide
Index for the Highway 20 Guide
Bella Coola Intro page
Bella Coola Aerial Photo page
In the beginning...
Index for the Guide
Bella Coola Introduction
Bella Coola Aerial photo
Tallio  & Eucott Hotsprings
Ocean fishing page
Clayton Falls
Blue Greay Jay lakes
Tallio & Eucott Hotspring, Big Tree
Ocean Fishing, fjords, Marine day tours
Clayton Falls & Hydro generation station
Hiking & camping Blue and Grey Jay Lakes
Bella Coola Historical museum and walking tour
Snooka Creek trails
Bella Coola Rodeo
Bella Coola Museum and Historical walking tour
Native Nuxalk Petroglyphs
Snooka Creek
walking trails
Bella Coola Rodeo
and Gymkhanas
Snootli Park
Snootli Hatchery
Schoolhouse Falls
Sallompt Forest Trails
Snootli Park/Big Cedars
walking trail
Snootli Hatchery
Schoolhouse Falls
& trails
Sallompt Forest
Lost Lake Medby Rock Trails
Ape Lake Trail
River Fishing
Eco Tours by drift boat
Lost Lake & Medby
Rock Trails
Ape Lake Trail
& Icefields
River Fishing in the
Bella Coola Valley
River Drift boat
Eco Tour
Bear Viewing
Tweedsmuir Park Bella Coola side
More activities events Freedom Highway Bella Coola
Bella Coola Accommodation Directory
Bear Viewing tours
& Station
Tweedsmuir Park from
Bella Coola side
Bella Coola To Do
Freedom Highway
Bella Coola Tours
& Accommodations
Bella Coola Business Directory
Introduction to the West Chilcotin
Tweedsmuir Park West Chilcotin side
Anahim Lake
Bella Coola
Directory listing
Introduction to the
West Chilcotin
Tweedsmuir Park from
West Chilcotin side
Anahim Lake Fishing,
Stampede & Activities
Itcha Illgatchuz Park hiking and wildlife
Itcha Illgatchuz trailriding
Hotnarko Falls
Nimpo Lake
Itcha Illgatchuz Park
Hiking & Wildlife
Itcha Illgatchuz Park
Trailriding & Volcanos
Hotnarko Falls
Precipice Canyon
Nimpo Lake and area
activities & fishing
Flightseeing Hunlen Falls
Flightseeing Rainbow Mountains
Rest and Relaxation
Charlotte Lake
Flightseeing Hunlen
Falls/Monarch Mt.
Flightseeing Rainbow Mts. Waddington Range
Rest & Relaxation in
the West Chilcotin
Charlotte Alplands and
Charlotte Lake
Kleena Kleene
Tatla Lake
West Branch Valley
Backcountry sports and mountaineering
Kleena Kleene and
area activities
Tatla Lake and
area activities
West Branch Lakes
and area activities
Backcountry Sports
and Mt. Waddington
Tatlayoko Valley
Eagle Lake
Winter sports in the West Chilcotin
WCTA accommodation directory
Tatlayoko Valley and
area activities
Eagle Lake and
Surrounding area
Winter Sports in
the West Chilcotin
West Chilcotin
WCTA Directory listing
East Chilcotin and Cariboo Introduction
West Chilcotin
Directory Listing
East Chilcotin and
Cariboo Introduction
Puntzi Lake fishing
and area activities
Redstone Settlement
& Redstone Flats
Chilcotin Transportation
Lees corner
Riske Creek
Fraser River
Stan Dowling's
Worst Trip Ever!
Historical Lee's Corner
and the Cattle Drive
Riske Creek and
area activities
Fraser River and
area activities
Mountain Biking in the Cariboo
Arts and Culture
History of the Williams Lake Stampede
Events at the Williams Lake Stampede
Mountain Biking in
the Cariboo area
Arts & Culture in the
Cariboo Chilcotin
The Williams Lake
Events at the Williams
Lake Stampede
Scout Island Nature Conservencey
Cariboo Directory
South Cariboo Information Center
WL Scout Island
Nature Center
East Chilcotin/Cariboo
Directory Listings
South Cariboo
Info Center


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