A flock of Pelicans take flight from the shores of Anahim Lake.
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If you would like to contact the WCTA with any questions about lodging or activities in the West Chilcotin, or would like more information about our members, please feel free to contact us at

If you would like to phone or write West Chilcotin Tourism Association executive Directors instead, the following people would be delighted to answer your questions.

For general information:
Petrus Rykes - President - (250) 742-3707
P.O. Box 3377, Anahim Lake,
British Columbia
Canada, V0L 1C0

Bill VanEs - Vice President - (250) 742-3233
P.O. Box 3459, Anahim Lake,
British Columbia
Canada, V0L 1C0

Jane Baker - Webmaster - (250) 742-3724
If you experience any problems with this
website, please contact the site builder at

If you wish to advertise on this site please contact members@visitthewestchilcotin.com


Snowcovered mountain and calm waters of Anahim Lake.
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