Rare green blue lake with craggy snow covered peaks behind.
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Circle Tour - From East to West
Eagle, Tatlayoko and Chilko Lake

All roads except for Highway 20 are gravel. You should be sure to check on local conditions before embarking on your trip.

As there have been some changes to the "Discovery Coast Ferry Route "(Route # 40), the West Chilcotin Tourism Association recommends that you check the latest ferry schedules, type of ferry, and amenities, before embarking on your trip.

The first turnoff to Tatlayoko Lake from Williams Lake is 211km or 132 miles on what is called the Eagle Lake road. Eagle Lake itself is about 5km in on a gravel road from Highway 20. Eagle lake is a beautiful aqua blue lake set among rolling hills with a spectacular view of the Coast Mountain Range. There you'll find great fishing for Kokanee and Rainbow Trout. The Rainbows are stocked with two pounds being the average size although it's said you can catch fish up to eight pounds.

Continue beyond Eagle Lake for another 10.9 km or 6.8 miles (you will pass Lunch Lake on the right and Cochin Lake on the left) to a branch in the road. Following the right hand branch will take you 16.5km or 10 miles to Tatlayoko Lake. Turning left and traveling about 25km or a little over 15 miles will bring you to Choelquoit Lake. From there turn right and drive toward Chilko Lake until you reach the Chilko River about 7km or 4 miles directly south. Here you can see the amazing Salmon run in August which attracts a myriad of wildlife, including black bears, grizzly bears and Bald Eagles.

For more detailed information and images of Chilko Lake please go to the Tour Tatlayko Chilko Region page.

You can also reach Tatlayoko Lake from the turnoff onto a good gravel road at Tatla Lake. The Tatla Lake turnoff on Highway 20 is only about 10km or 6 miles beyond the Eagle Lake turnoff. Turn left at the large directional signs at Tatla and follow the Tatla Lake road to a fork in the road. The left hand branch will take you down the Tatla Lake Road about 12km or or 7.5 miles to the junction with the Eagle Lake Road, there you would turn right and follow the road for 16.5km or 10 miles as described above.

Tatlayoko Lake is a brilliant lake set in a long valley among mountains offering up two to five pound Rainbow Trout and some wild windsurfing for the hardy pro. From Tatlayoko there are numerous hiking and riding trails up into the Potato Mountains where from the western side you can view spectacular Tatlayoko Lake from above, and aquamarine Chilko Lake from the eastern side of the range.

Fancy a trail ride into this fabulous country? Professional guides will take you for a ride or pack trip into the Niut Mountains where you'll see loads of wildlife, pristine alpine lakes and swales of alpine wild flowers. Or charter a helicopter to take you hiking into high alpine, kayaking on thrilling rivers, or flightsee in a fixed wing aircraft to see Mt. Waddington, Queen Bess, the Pantheons, Niut Range or the amazing Homathko Icefields. Winter sports include heli skiing and heli mountaineering.

For more detailed information and images of the Tatlayoko Valley, please go to the Tour Tatlayko Chilko Region page.

Operators - Tatlayoko/Chilko Region

Chilko River Lodge
Chilko River
Homathko River Inn
Tatlayoko Valley
White Saddle Ranch Country Inn
West Branch Valley
Aqua green water of Eagle Lake backed by Niut Mountains.
Long valley with lake and mountains at the end.
Girl fishes from driftwood littered shore of Tatlayoko Lake.
Two riders in Niut Range with 360 degree view behind them.
Helicopter parked in front of a small mountain lake.
Blue helicopter unloading gear on an icefield.
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