Clouds over Charlotte Lake and Coast Mountain Range.
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Charlotte Lake

All roads except for Highway 20 are gravel. You should be sure to check on local conditions before embarking on your trip.

As there have been some changes to the "Discovery Coast Ferry Route "(Route # 40), the West Chilcotin Tourism Association recommends that you check the latest ferry schedules, type of ferry, and amenities, before embarking on your trip.

The Charlotte Lake turnoff is located approximately 285 km or 178 miles west of Williams Lake. The turnoff to the lake is about 11 km or 6.8 miles east of Nimpo Lake but signage is not obvious so keep a close eye out for the signs among trees on the left hand side of the road if coming from Williams Lake, right hand side after you've crossed the cattleguard if coming from Nimpo Lake.

The road into Charlotte Lake is generally in good condition and length of drive varies depending on which recreational operation you are going to be arriving at. Their location can vary from 20km to slightly more. Make sure to follow the signs.

There are presently three operators on Charlotte Lake and you can enjoy a variety of accommodations and activities with all three of them as well as unmatched beauty and serenity.

Charlotte Lake is about 10 miles long and 5 miles wide and has terrific fishing with Rainbow Trout to nine pounds using either flies or trolling equipment. If you follow Charlotte Lake to its end at the west, fly fishermen will love trying their luck in the rapids between Charlotte and Little Charlotte Lake. Just one word of caution: As with all large Chilcotin lakes located near high mountains, wind can come up quite suddenly and be very unforgiving. It's recommended that you remain close to shore if a wind starts to rise.

There are numerous trails for hiking or mountain biking and if you like, you can go on a one day or mulit-day trail ride up into the Charlotte Alplands where you will see rare wild flowers amid alpine lakes. Take a camera because the area is rich in wildlife varying from moose, caribou, mountain goat, deer, wolverine, lynx, wolf, coyote and fox, to black bear and grizzly bears. Trumpeter Swans, bald eagles, loons and osprey are commonly seen on the lake.

The Atnarko river empties from Charlotte Lake to the south cutting a deep valley to the southwest and ultimately flowing into the Lonesome Lake Valley. Lonesome Lake was made famous by Ralph Edwards in his successful venture to pull the Trumpeter Swan back from extinction in the early 1900's. Studies of the Atnarko River have shown it to be one of the purest river systems in British Columbia if not in all of Canada.

This wilderness is a backcountry adventurer's dream, rich with legend, steeped in lore, while the lake has its own tales to tale about the famous Rimarko Ranch. Relax around a campfire, enjoy the solitude, play on the beautiful beaches on the southeastern end, canoe or kayak along its shores, and just drink in the beauty of this crystal clear lake.

For more detailed information and images of Charlotte Lake please go to the Tour Charlotte Lake Region page.

Operators - Charlotte Lake/Charlotte Alplands

Nuk Tessli Wilderness Experience
Charlotte Alplands
Remarkable orange sunset over the lake.
Two black bear cubs play on a road.
Evening light over Charlotte Lake and Coast Mountain Range.
Blue lake, blue mountains, blue sky.
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