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Kayak, Canoe, and Raft the Chilcotin

"The Loon simply watched us as we quietly paddled by.

The West Chilcotin has an amazing number of lakes, streams and rivers perfect for Canoeing, Rafting, or Kayaking.

Probably one of the more popular chain of lakes listed in the West Chilcotin district to canoe is the Turner Lake Chain, with seven lakes, creeks and portages just inside Tweedsmuir Park. What makes this canoe trip so unusual is that you have to walk 10 miles or 16 km over strenuous trail just to get to the first lake, where you can then rent a canoe. The alternative, is to charter a floatplane out of Nimpo Lake to fly you and your canoe to the first lake. This trip takes several days and may even be longer should you wish to combine hiking the alpine above the lakes with canoeing.

There are numerous lakes around the Anahim and Nimpo Lake area, including those two lakes, that are generally calm and easy paddling in summer with the possible exception of Charlotte Lake which can generate winds that arise quickly. All of the local area lakes have excellent fishing and you'll see more than one canoe with a fly line trailing out the back.

The Dean River, famous for its fly fishing, can be drifted in the upper section very comfortably in a canoe. In fact, there are annual canoe races on the Dean where it exits Nimpo Lake to Anahim Lake every spring. Some operators utilize rafts on the Lower Dean for fishing. You can also canoe many sections of the Blackwater and you will be following in the steps of Alexander Mackenzie most of the way on his heroic push for a passage to the Pacific.

Near Tatla Lake, you will see the Bluff Lake road where Horn, Sapeye, Bluff, Middle Lake and Twist Lake lay like a string of pearls following Mosley Creek to the southwest. Each lake displays its own special character, most have campsites and all have excellent fishing with Bull trout to 10 pounds and rainbow trout averaging 3 pounds. Whitesaddle Air Services is nearby and would be happy to take you on a heli-kayaking trip into the Mount Waddington, Tatlayoko Valley region or other lakes nearby.

Tatla, Cochin, Eagle, Choelquoit Lake and just about any other you see on the map in the south western corner of the West Chilcotin are all appropriate for paddling in, as well as throwing a line out for kokanee and rainbow trout.

The Chilko River provides an opportunity to go rafting in the Chilcotin with Lava Canyon offering continuous Class IV whitewater, opt to raft calmer waters on the Upper Chilko River, or kayak the shores of Chilko Lake. Nearby, in the Nemiah area you can kayak the rivers, and canoe lakes like Vedan and Chaunigan.

Many of the fly in resorts and lodges in the northern region of the West Chilcotin often provide canoes to guests for drifting on their lakes.

Group rafting down Chilko River.
Kayak on Charlotte Lake with ice and mountains in background.
Woman in a red canoe with alpine mountains behind her.
A man canoes with his black Lab.
Man in a red canoe with Coast Range behind.
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